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2023 Spring Road Run
2023 Spring Road Run

Forty vintage tractors gathered on the 16th April at the start point in Warnford, for the 2023 club annual spring road run. Before the off, Mick Burgess and Dick Glaysher served tea and coffee before heading out, to warm everybody up on a cool and damp morning.

After a soggy start for all attending, the weather cleared up to make this an enjoyable day.

The procession tractors toured the local roads and old lanes where there was little traffic, which was quite the spectacle to see. Amazing views and interesting lanes which many members had not seen or travelled upon before, trekking through the Hampshire countryside, with a planned stop at the Trooper Inn at Froxfield for some lite refreshment, before heading back to Warnford.

A great day were had by all.

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