Contacts and Committee

President is honorary role is offered to a long serving member of the Club as a mark of the Club’s appreciation for their contribution to the Club.

Chairperson is the chief executive member of the Club and is elected to this post for a two-year term.

Vice-Chairman is elected to this post for a two-year term and is usually expected to become Chairman at the end of this time.

Other posts include Treasurer, Club Secretary, Membership Secretary, Ploughing Match Secretary, and Newsletter Editor. These are all elected annually at the AGM in February.

The 2022 - 2023 Committee

(including contact phone numbers where authorised):

President: Ian Vincent

Chairperson: Mike Rowland (07891075715)

Vice Chairman: TBA

Treasurer: Nigel Goddard

Club Secretary: Charles Figgins (01420 84072, after 6pm)

Membership Secretary: Andy McLaren (07831748175)

Ploughing Match Secretary: Brian Knight

Newsletter Editor: Charles Figgins

Club Trips Secretary: Mike Rowland

Tracks Across the Field Secretary: Jane Figgins (07563591256)

Committee Members: Hugh Pearce, John Lillywhite, James Knowles

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